Meet Bethany

I am wife to Troy and mother to eight precious children.

I love spending time walking with women in light of the Gospel. If we were sitting together over coffee, I would ask you about your life ~ hear your heart about your job, marriage, children, or friends. And I would love to hear how God impacts you as you walk out every day. His love for us changes everything!

The threshing floor is the place ancient farmers used to separate the wheat from the chaff. The goal was to separate the waste from the wheat, and then the grain was scooped up and filtered through a sieve to remove any last bits of chaff or undesired products. Motherhood and marriage are two threshing floors in my life. These places are sanctifying and sacred ~ areas that God shows His steadfast love, His grace and mercy, and His call to follow Him and be like Him.

I invite you to sit with me here in this space as we explore the goodness of the Gospel and how it changes us in the everyday moments of life. Let’s learn together!